“So this is the New Year.”

Last night was a blast- hung out with some amazing people and had a grand time in Grand Rapids ushering in what I believe will be the best year I’ve had. It’s funny, I’ve always been entirely cynical about New Year’s resolutions, but somehow this year I’ve managed to find so many- goals, aspirations, even dreams- to pursue.

Today I began official work on my EP, my darling five-song brainchild that’s spent literal years in conception. There are many obstacles, I’m learning, when you take on a proposition of this mass. There are also many graceful hands to help you over them.

It’s going to be a gruelling and busy couple of months, and I’m doing my best to fit a show or two in here and keep updates going on top of it all. I believe, though, that everything is going to work out splendidly, and I can’t wait to see everyone out there at some venues.

What I really want to say is thank you to everyone who has found this project or shared it or even just tossed it a facebook like. This is just the beginning, and it means so much to have the support of friends, family, and a few complete strangers behind me.

So thank you kindly from the freshly snowed streets of GR,


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